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Please donate to my campaign if you are ready for a state representative who is fully dedicated to:

  • Defending and fighting for public education and its teachers and staff to receive the funding they deserve and need;
  • Striving tirelessly to bring about responsible gun safety laws; and,
  • Protecting and defending our Constitutional freedoms for everyone.

Your donation will allow us to mount a vigorous campaign to bring an end to the heavy-handed manner Republicans have taken toward demolishing public education, ignoring the need for responsible gun-safety laws (which can be done without violating the Second Amendment, which I support), and intruding into our personal lives by creating laws that take away our unalienable rights of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Your donation will give us the opportunity to reach voters throughout District 46 by purchasing palm cards for door knocking, signs for people to know I’m in the race, and reaching voters by email, text, and phone calls.

More importantly, your donation means the world to me personally because it tells me you care about our state’s future and that you support the same issues I do.

Thank you in advance for your donation.